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The Eye of Catwoman. 2014.

The Eye of Catwoman. 2014.


We come to Raleigh and this happens.

Beers at Sadlack’s to kick off our trip to NC (at Sadlack’s Heroes)

Do the Robot

He got a visa?

Goblin at the Warfield!

Nikki Six Mile after The SF Album Project performance of Prince’s Parade


The president of the Ohio board of education is calling for the ban of The Bluest Eye by native daughter Toni Morrison. Debe Terhar calls the 1970 novel “pornographic.” Says Morrison, “I resent it … I mean if it’s Texas or North Carolina as it has been in all sorts of states. But to be a girl from Ohio, writing about Ohio having been born in Lorain, Ohio. And actually relating as an Ohio person, to have the Ohio, what—Board of Education? —is ironic at the least.”

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Banning books only makes them more important to read. Give a copy of The Bluest Eye to every 11th grader in Ohio.

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